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New Life for Jessica

Sunday, 12 October 2014


So, one of my CF best friends Jessica who was waiting for a Double Lung Transplant, had her call at 5am on thursday morning!!!! i was literally crying when she put it on Facebook and i didn't stop thinking about her all day, she went down to theatre at 2pm and went back onto ICU at 11:30pm, she is doing amazingly well for being only 3 days post transplant, she has already sat up in a chair and started to walk around her ICU room!! last night she put a Facebook status on saying 'Normal saturday night telly but not breathless :)' this made me so happy!! one day, once Jess is home and recovered a bit more, i will hopefully meet her! theres isn't one day that i don't speak to Jess and if there is, it feels so weird! but of course i gave her a break when she had her transplant but I'm happy I'm speaking to her again hehe! :P i really hope she has a quick recovery and her lung function goes up in no time! but she gets to live a normal life now, just like me! 

here is some photos of Jessica's progress so far.. 

Jessicas saturations now! she was on 4 litres before and her SATs were just staying at 92-95 with a bpm of 135-150 and resps of 35.

Jess standing up 48 hours after her Double Lung Transplant.

Thank you all for reading
Speak soon
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  1. Glad to hear your friend is doing well hun :)

    Kate |


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