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One Direction, McBusted & My Friend Emily xx

Monday, 8 June 2015

Hello Everyone!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend! On Saturday I went to Cardiff to see One Direction On The Road Again tour and McBusted were their open act whilst they were at Cardiff. Dad drove me and Olivia up there, we was worried as the day before there were 45 mile tailbacks but thankfully it wasn't too bad but the seeing 1D and Mcbusted live one word.. BRILLIANT! It was so good! this is the third time I've seen 1D now and it was by far the best time! It was even better that I had Olivia with me because I could scream as loud as I wanted as I knew she would as well haha! 

I can now tick off that I have seen McBusted live on my Bucket list! I've wanted to see them since they became one band but every time they've had a tour I've been to unwell to go! so I was very excited to find out that they were One Direction's opening act in Cardiff! they sang Year 3000 at the end and literally everyone was singing along to it and it was such a great atmosphere!

Tomorrow I start Radiotherapy and I'm starting to get really nervous but you have to think positive in these situations! the trial run went okay last Friday so I'm sure it will be just as okay as that was.

I've heard some devastating news about my friend Emily who I've spoke about before, she has took the brave decision to stop her treatment, she cannot keep being in pain and suffering! please can you keep Emily and her family in your thoughts at this very difficult time! I first met Emily at her 1 year transplant party, she was so happy and smiley, made everyone laugh with her humour, she is so loved my lots! She came and walked The Tarka Walk 2015 even though she had rejection, that was the last time I saw her. I will always remember her big smile, she was smiling even though she was going through so much. Emily said to me that we will fight this battle together but knowing that Emily will no longer be in pain and suffering has made me cope with it a little easier but it will be so hard to see her go. I hope we meet again one day Emily, I will keep our memories close to my heart forever, I love you.

Here are some photos of Saturday… 

As always, thank you for reading
Speak soon
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Radiotherapy Appointment

Monday, 1 June 2015


I had an appointment today in Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital to talk about Radiotherapy, we had to talk about all the side affects that I might get, like tiredness, redness on the area of skin, sickness, and the long term affects it might have, I didn't really want to talk about them but of course you have to. Then they made the mask for when I have radiotherapy and they also made a mould for my legs to keep me still, when they were moulding my mask it felt quite weird and at first I felt claustrophobic but I didn't panic which is quite good for me because I usually panic when things like that happen. I went for a CT and had to have the mask on, it felt ok and I think I will get use to it, they drawn 2 dots on my stomach at the beginning of the CT and at the end they made them permanent so 2 small tattoos, they are so tiny you can hardly see them. 

I start radiotherapy next Tuesday but me and dad are going to Exeter this Friday for a trial run but not actually have the radiotherapy, I will have it every Tuesday and Friday, this will affect my plans for this month that I mentioned in my last blog post, because my immune system will be very low and I can catch infections easier, which is annoying but i would rather have the radiotherapy to try and get rid of the antibodies!

But I am very excited to see One Direction and Mcbusted live on Saturday!!!

This is the mask I will wear whilst i have radiotherapy.
As always, thank you for reading
Speak soon
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