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low neutrophils! :(

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

hello everyone, here is a post about how everything has been since last time I wrote, well I went to see James Arthur in Plymouth and we went shopping before the concert and I bought a Pandora bracelet and I got an angel charm for my donor! also my sister bought me a pink charm! :D James Arthur was so good!!! me and my mum was sat quite close!! a woman who was sat next to me was drunk and she grabbed me and took me to the front for about 15 minutes until a security person came down and told us to go back to our seats! but I got a few good pictures! :D then on the Saturday we went shopping again and had some lunch before we caught the train home :) last Monday I went back to school but I caught an infection in my feeding tube so I didn't go Tuesday, went back Wednesday and Thursday, on Thursday I had bloods taken to check my tacrolimus levels and my white cells and a couple of hours later the hospital rang and said my neutrophils were extremely low! so we spoke to gosh and I had to stay in my house and no one was allowed out and no one was allowed in because if I caught a temp I could go really ill. SO GUESS WHAT HAPPENS! I caught a temp!! so I came to hospital on Friday night at half 10 and they put a cannula in because they might of had to start IV antibiotics but I didn't get a temp again so they let me go home again Saturday morning, on Sunday I started to get a temp again starting at 37.5 and it was going up to 38 so I got taken into hospital at half 12 at night and this time I started IV antibiotics because we didn't want to risk me getting any worse because my lung function has already dropped 10% on my home lung function machine and I have been having chest pain, got an infection in my feeding tube and I have a little bit of a cold!! they checked my CRP and it was 46 on Sunday and today its 24! its gone down so the IVs must be working! :) I have to stay in hospital until my cultures come back and if they are negative I can stop the IVs and go home! and if their is something growing well I don't know what they are going to do ha ha! I would like to thank everyone for all the kind messages it really does mean a lot!

if you would like to see more updates please go like a page my sister made to share my story with everyone.. :)


Friday, 10 January 2014

hey everyone, i said on my last post i would let you all know how clinic went..
it went good, i had to have my breakfast and tablets at half 7 because i had to have this drink and dye X-ray at 12 and i needed to have an empty stomach for it! before my transplant my FEV1 was 0.36 and now its 1.96!! (which is 90%!!) and i now weigh 42.55kg. Helen Spencer is pretty happy about my recovery but I've had a cold for a while now and it doesn't seem to be going so she put me on azithromycin everyday instead of monday, wednesday and friday, for 3 - 4 weeks! my steroids are down to 7.5mg, so hopefully my cheeks will start to go down now!! (i hate them) soon i have to have a nissan fundoplication as i have a lot of reflux and we don't want it to go into my lungs, also I'm having my feeding tube out at the same time, i don't go back up to GOSH until the 27th February for a bronc on the 28th! I'm hopefully starting gym soon! not to loose weight but to do some exercise! also i had an X-ray on my wrist to see if i have anymore growing to do as i haven't grown for a while, if the X-ray comes back and i do have some growing to do they are going to give me something to help me! i hate being so small!!

i went to madame tussauds the day before clinic it was so good! i got my hand made out of wax but it was really hot!! but when i got back to the flat the wax had broken and the fingers had fallen off! but i managed to get a picture of it stuck together but my fingers look so small haha!! i had a picture with the one direction wax!! i payed for a phone case of me and them and also a glass block! at the end there was a 4D thing and my mum was nearly screaming as it poked you in the back, sprayed cold air at you and the seats vibrated!
of course i took some pictures…

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one direction!
selfie with harry :P
selfie with zayn!!

Mum and ET! 
my wax hand! 


Happy New Year!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy new year everyone!! i hope you all had an amazing christmas because i sure did! it felt so good spending it with my family and being well! i had some great presents, but christmas isn't about the presents its about spending it with your family and having fun! i had a lush roast!! i went to my dads in the evening and we had a buffet, i got loads of clothes off him but i had to take them ALL back because I've put on weight haha!!
i had a great new year too! i went to a party with my friends and i dressed up as bat woman! i wore a mask and everything ;) it was such a laugh! but i came home at 10 because i wanted to spend the last 2 hours of 2013 with my mum! and we did the countdown together :)
i haven't done much since then really, just been staying in having lazy days with mum, but today i went to town and bought a new camera!! I'm going to plymouth on the 17th to see James Arthur with my mum and sisters, we are going shopping the day after :D
tomorrow I'm travelling up to London for clinic on wednesday, but hopefully tomorrow we are going to madame tussauds :D
we are going to Butlins for christmas this year, my mum booked it the other day! I'm so excited!!
OH YEAH!! i was on daybreak on the 30th of december! me and kirstie tancock went on and spoke about our stories! it was really good, we stayed in the doubletree by hilton!! it was so posh and we had a lovely dinner! me and my mum did a face mask! i was on at 6:50 and 8:10 in the morning so we had to get up at 5! i had no sleep the night before because it was so hot in the room! so i looked terrible haha!
i will update you all about how London goes after I've been :)
thanks for all the support in 2013 and i hope everyone has a great 2014, i defiantly will i have loads of things planned!
my christmas dinner!
me my mum and bailey at christmas!
my friends on nye!


me as bat woman haha
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