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an update

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Well since i last wrote i feel soo much better! ive finished my iv antibiotics and now feel great! and am waiting for my baby nephew to arrive! he was ment to come on the 18th july but he hasnt! but hopefully soon! oh yeah.. i just finished hospital school for six weeks holiday! but i wont be going back there because... Ive decided to go back to my normal school!:) im quite excited to go back and see all my friends! Im going with my oxygen and wheelchair. So yeah.. Not much has happened but im quite well at the moment and just waiting for my new lungs!:) xx


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Well I started ivs last thursday and then that night i went really ill! i had a temperture, my oxygen was low, felt dizzy and sick:( so mum rang the hospital and they said just to stay home and drink lots and have paracetomal, later on my temp went down abit and i felt a little better, but in the morning mum woke me up saying were going up to the hospital to get checked over. i felt soo ill:( so went hospital got checked over and they said i had to stay in the weekend:( which was horrible and boring! But it was the best pleace to be! i came out of hospital monday and and i still dont feel well so today im staying in bed all day!:( well exept to do physio and go to the toilet! my mum has texted the nurse to see if i am on the right iv antibiotics, and what to do because i feel so tired and drained:(

My wish day!!:) 28.06.2012

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I had to wake up at 7:00am! And I didn't get any sleep the night before because my sister slept over for my special day, and she slept in my room with me and she snores so loud! Haha! I had such a good day with my mum and 2 sisters. We got picked up in a hummer! And taken to Exeter, then we walked to the apple shop to go pickup my iPad and we got there and ALL the staff started to clap! I was soo embarrassed! We stayed in the apple shop for about an hour and abit, because they shown me what to do with my new iPad!:) after we left apple, went went shopping!! We went to new look and I got some new clothes! And then went to HMV and I got Justin bieber album!:P and then it was time to go for lunch!:) we went to a restaurant called Harry's, it was nice food:) after lunch we went for more shopping for an hour because then it was time to come home!:( but we came home in the hummer again!:) but I ran out of oxygen on the way home so we was in a rush! But I was still okay I just put the oxygen back on at home:) I had an amazing day!!
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