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A Worrying Week

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

hey everyone!
so I came to GOSH for clinic last Wednesday and did the usual tests, e.g. lung function, bloods and x-ray, my lung function was okay, but at GOSH they have a new machine to test your lung function and its more accurate and my lung function is actually only 75% not 90% it hasn't gone down its just a more accurate machine! when we saw Helen Spencer, I told her I was getting out of breath walking, was always tired, and was bringing up yellow mucus every now and then, so she seemed concerned and said I needed IV antibiotics and admitted me into GOSH, Helen was worried that I would have rejection in my new lungs, whilst I have been at GOSH I have had an ultrasound on my stomach because I was having pain near my feeding tube, and after the ultrasound the doctors said that the balloon that is attached to the feeding tube was no longer attached BUT another doctor came to see me and said I don't even have a balloon on my feeding tube! I've also had a ECHO and an ECG to check that my heart wasn't the reason why I'm feeling breathless. This morning I had a platelet infusion because I have a really low platelet level and I went down to theatre to have a bronc & biopsy, a picc line put in and I also.. HAD MY FEEDING TUBE REMOVED! I have been waiting for this for a long time and today it finally happened! I had the tube for about 3 years and I hardly ever used it! when I came around from the surgery I was little rough, and my oxygen levels drop every time I'm taken of the oxygen so I have been on it since, I went down for an x-ray to check that I didn't have a pneumothorax but I don't, the doctors think because I have low platelets and I bled a lot whilst I was having my bronc and they think I still have blood on my lungs that's why I need oxygen, so I might need another platelet infusion, I wont get the bronc and biopsy results until maybe Monday, but I do know that my lungs are inflamed, Helen also said that she can't say it is rejection and she cant say it isn't!
my prom is next Friday and I'm really hoping I can go because prom will only happen once! and my mum and dad have bought my dress and everything :(
sorry this has been a long post and you have a lot to read but a lot has happened in the past week, and thank you so much everyone for the messages and get well soon comments! 

Life After School

Monday, 9 June 2014

hello there :)

so since I've left school i have become a little bored already! thats why i haven't updated my blog, because i haven't done much except revise for my exams, which I'm pleased to say.. i have my last exam on friday! :) but.. on the 3rd after my english exam i went to exeter with my sister, it was a good day but i was surprised because i didn't buy as much as i thought i was going too!! i bought a pair of Pumas(shoes), a nice pink top and shorts from new look and of course i went into LUSH and bought some LUSH bath bombs! :) and i bought my baby sister her first vans!(shoes)

Last Friday i went to London with my sister Sam and my dad, we went London because… I SAW ONE DIRECTION LIVE! at the wembley stadium, they were amazing!! and also their support band, 5 Seconds Of Summer was really good too, i think they are an australian band! :) but i loved seeing one direction, i have never seen or heard girls screaming like i did that night, of course i had a sing along to the songs because i can now because i don't get out of breath :)

i said before that i have my last exam on friday which is friday the 13th and its a math exam! the exam today i thought was so hard! (it was maths paper 1) and there was a stupid question about pigs and needing 30 something squared metres of field or something like that haha! and everyone i know that did it was just as confused as me so that makes me feel better!

but i would like thank everyone for all the good lucks for my exams and people saying i will pass them, I've tried my hardest and hopefully i get the grades i need to get into my college course!

one direction :) 

speak soon


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