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Bucket List

My bucket list consists of things I've wanted to do or things I've done, now I've had my transplant i hope I can accomplish all of them!

  1. See one direction live - Seen them at Wembley 6/6/14 and Cardiff 6/6/15
  2. Go to Disneyland/Disney World
  3. See disney on ice
  4. Watch a show in theatre- Jack And The Beanstalk 17/12/14
  5. Meet Zoella (youtuber)
  6. Have my nosed pierced - pierced on 18/09/14
  7. See Mcbusted live - Saw them in Cardiff 06/06/15 
  8. Spa break with mum
  9. Hot air balloon ride
  10. Go to Haven/Devon cliffs - Went for the weekend 17/04/15
  11. Go to X Factor Final - Went in 2013 
  12. Go to Brighton
  13. Helicopter ride
  14. Start learning to drive  
  15. Get a small tattoo
  16. Go to Harry Potter Studios in Watford - went on 13/09/14 
  17. Try sushi - tried on the 21/06/2014

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