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Meeting Faith :)

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Yesterday(28/10/14) i met my closest CF friend Faith, we have been speaking for over a year on Facebook, texting, we never spoke to each other on the phone or went on Face time, but she is like my best friend, Faith is the same age as me and we went through GCSEs at the same time, so it was really good that she understood because she was doing them as well. i can speak to her about anything and i can always count on her when i need to talk to someone. anyway… yeah yesterday i met her for the first time and it was a really good day, Faith came to my house and gave me my birthday present which is nearly 2 months late :P she got me a Lush(bath stuff) birthday gift set! We went to Pizza Hut and then went into town and me and Faith decided to get our ears pierced, well she had her first holes done and i had my third. After a while, me and Faith was saying that our feet were aching so we came back to my house, ate some cupcakes and then my sister Louise decided to join us and meet Faith and Kerri(Faiths mum), they went home about 5:30pm. Then i went to bed to watch The Vampire Diaries and i felt really tired as it was a busy day. But overall it was an a wonderful day and it was lovely to meet Faith and Kerri, next time, me and mum are going up to theirs :) 

We had lasagna at Pizza Hut

My third holes done!

My Lush set :)

As always, thank you for reading
Speak soon
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A Bump In The Road

Sunday, 19 October 2014


Last Sunday(08.10.14) i was having severe pain in my groin, it got worse as an hour went on, then i couldn't handle it anymore so mum had to ring an ambulance, they paramedic team came and said because of my history i needed to go to the hospital, when we got there the doctor that was working at A&E said they have rung the surgical team to come and check on me which they did and said it wasn't my appendix so they decided to send me up to the children's ward Caroline Thorpe Ward, they did give me the choice to go onto an adult ward but of course i was going to choice the children's ward! i know i will have to go onto the adult ward when I'm 18 but thats 2 years yet! anyway… me and mum finally got to sleep about 4:00am and woke up at 8:00am!! we was shattered!! and then i had to go for an ultrasound scan to check things were okay, after that we waited all day and then we finally found out that i probably had a small cyst on my ovaries and it had popped, thats why i was in so much pain! 

We went home Monday tea time and then i was fine over night so i went back to college on Tuesday, but Tuesday night i wasn't feeling too well again, this time i was feeling sick, really cold, dizzy and my heart rate was high, i kept checking my temperature but that was fine and my sugars were fine! i just went to sleep early that night and felt a bit better in the morning but woke up really dizzy and i couldn't really lift my head off the pillow; since then I've been feeling a lot better and i'm going back to college tomorrow, i hate missing college because i really want to get on with my course! and of course i miss seeing my friends! ;) 

As always, thank you for reading
Speak soon
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New Life for Jessica

Sunday, 12 October 2014


So, one of my CF best friends Jessica who was waiting for a Double Lung Transplant, had her call at 5am on thursday morning!!!! i was literally crying when she put it on Facebook and i didn't stop thinking about her all day, she went down to theatre at 2pm and went back onto ICU at 11:30pm, she is doing amazingly well for being only 3 days post transplant, she has already sat up in a chair and started to walk around her ICU room!! last night she put a Facebook status on saying 'Normal saturday night telly but not breathless :)' this made me so happy!! one day, once Jess is home and recovered a bit more, i will hopefully meet her! theres isn't one day that i don't speak to Jess and if there is, it feels so weird! but of course i gave her a break when she had her transplant but I'm happy I'm speaking to her again hehe! :P i really hope she has a quick recovery and her lung function goes up in no time! but she gets to live a normal life now, just like me! 

here is some photos of Jessica's progress so far.. 

Jessicas saturations now! she was on 4 litres before and her SATs were just staying at 92-95 with a bpm of 135-150 and resps of 35.

Jess standing up 48 hours after her Double Lung Transplant.

Thank you all for reading
Speak soon
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Transplant clinic

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Yesterday night(07/10/14) me and mum travelled up to London we got the train at 6:17pm, Dad drove us to tiverton parkway so we only had one train ride and didn't have to switch any trains and our train went straight to paddington. We got to our accommodation at GOSH italian building and was hungry so we ordered food haha! 

This morning we went to GOSH and waited in the reception area for about an hour and then they moved me to an isolation room because of my CMV, i had my height, weight and bloods done, then went for lung function which is.. 75%!!!!! it's the highest it's ever been in my life! then i went to X-ray, came back to our isolation room and waited for Helen Spencer to come and see me. When she came in she just asked the normal questions: how am i? how have i been? and then i told her about the really bad cold i have at the minute but she's happy because it hasn't effected my lung function, she said she is really happy with my lungs and me! my neutrophils are good so i need to start back on MMF so i don't get rejection again! when my cold has gone and I'm better i can stop voriconazole and aciclovir because i don't need them anymore! 

Transition talk:
Today Helen mentioned about starting to talk about me going to adult transplant team and she said the best place for me to go is Harefield hospital and i will probably be ready to go for my 17th birthday! its pretty scary but I've been to a couple of hospitals before so another one won't hurt will it? i don't really want to leave GOSH because it's an amazing hospital and i know everyone, but i suppose i will get to know everyone at Harefield! 

i dont go back up to GOSH until 14th january now, which is so good!!

Mum and me on the train :)

Thanks for reading guys!
Speak soon
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Legoland Adventure

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Hello my lovelies. 

Yesterday, i went out with my dad and then he asked me if i wanted to go out for the day today(04/10/14) then my Tracey(my step mum) said we should go to Legoland as we have an merlin annual pass, so my dad looked at some hotels online and then booked it!! we travelled up to windsor yesterday night and got there about 8:30pm, i was so excited when i woke up this morning!! even though the weather was bad we still had an amazing time! me and my step brother went on a ride where we had to pull ourselves up and then let go of the rope and we would fall back down again! and then we went on a water slide, i don't really go on rides as i get dizzy easily which take prochlorperazine for. We was very wet and very cold at about half 2 so we decided to leave and come home. But yeah. It was amazing. 

Before i show you the photos, I'm off to Great Ormand Street on Tuesday night for Transplant clinic on Wednesday, I'm hoping for all good results as i have been very well since my last appointment except for that little blip when i had to go into hospital :) I've been feeling the best I've ever felt!

Without my donor and their family i wouldn't be able to do things like this and enjoy it! They will be forever in my heart. <3

Here are the photos… 

- There was a lego giraffe with him bottom poking out haha!

-An ice cream and coffee shop at the beginning of Legoland :)

-They sell amazing doughnuts! 

-Lego Big Ben!

-Buckingham pallace!

-And of course a Lego Eiffel Tower, one day i will see real one and i will walk up/down it! 

Thank you all for reading
Speak soon
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Day Of The Living Campaign

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


On the 1st november from 10am Me, and members of the LLGL team who is Kirstie Tancock(who had a transplant the same day as me) and Liana Tolland who had a kidney transplant due to having an allergic reaction to malaria tablets while volunteering in Uganda, are doing a pop us shop in Exeter, South Devon somewhere in princesshay, for our new Live Life Give Life Campaign: Day Of The Living, this is a campaign celebrating people saved by organ donation and the generosity of their donorsInspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead, in which ancestors are remembered with a vibrant and colourful festival, the Day of the Living campaign will raise awareness about the importance of organ donation with the same energy, optimism and joy. At our stall we will be selling skull bracelets, necklaces, rings, lollipops, cupcakes, cookies, hanging decorations, canvases, there will also be a chance to get your face painted and have a henna tattoo, a dance crew will be there and entertainment! I'm really looking forward to this campaign and especially the 1st november, so everyone please put the 1st november in your diaries and come to Exeter, princesshay from 10pm onwards. :) 

Looking forward to seeing you all there! 

speak soon!

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