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Saturday, 21 December 2013

hey everyone! I thought I would write a post to let you know how I'm getting on with my new lungs!
well last time I wrote I was going up for my 3 month biopsy, I've had that and it came back with NO REJECTION! but I'm still growing pseudomonas! they aren't going to do anything about it as its only small, also I've gone back to school!! its so nice to be back with my friends again! but I've already had exams! -.- but I only went back for one week as when I went to gosh my white blood cells came back really low, so I had to stay off school and do injections to make them come back up! so I stayed of school for 3 weeks and went back last week! I haven't been able to do much because I've been revising and things but last week I went back to Great Ormond Street for my 4 month check up and my weight is now 40.85kg!!!!! and my lung function is 86%! :D I also went to winter wonderland whilst I was up there and it is truly magical! but it was FREEZING in the magical ice kingdom it was -16 degrees! when we got outside it felt like summer!!
last week a man wrote to me saying he would like to offer me tickets to go to the x factor final!! so I went to it on Sunday! it was amazing! and the best boy band in the world ONE DIRECTION was singing live and I could actually touch them! they came out the door next to us!! I went with my step mum Tracey, step brother Addy and Ella who has had a heart transplant, I met her through twitter, she is a lovely girl! and on Monday I went shopping in Brent Cross shopping centre and my dad bought me a pair of real uggs! they are so comfy!
im really looking forward to Christmas this year! my first year with my new lungs and It will be amazing! i bought a christmas tree bauble for my donor!! i can't thank them enough for letting me live my life! i will always be thankful for what they have done for me and what their family have done to make the selfless decision to save peoples lives! the bauble has got pink on it because its my favourite colour! i don't know weather my donor is a boy or girl and i never will! but one day i would like to write a letter to their family!

me and kirstie tancock (another cfer who has had 2 double lung transplants) was in the daily star and the sun! also was on the daily mail website!
and the cf trust rang my mum the other day and asked if i wanted to go on Daybreak on the 30th of december and i said yes, so i will travel up on the 29th and be on telly on the 30th, i don't know what time yet though,

here is the link to the daily mail online..

here are some pictures…
winter wonderland
it was amazing!

me and ella
me and my friends
Us at the x factor 
The bauble i have for my donor.
when sam bailey won!

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