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Harry Potter Studio Tour

Sunday, 14 September 2014


i went to Harry Potter studios in Watford yesterday(13/09/14) it was such an amazing experience, i loved it so much. inside you are basically taken on a tour of the Harry Potter filming experience at the studios where all the films began. It took us about 2 and a half hours to look around, there's so much to see, theres original sets, costumes, props, creatures and models. I only watched the Harry Potter films about 4 months ago but i fell in love when i saw the fist film: Harry Potter and Philosopher's Stone so i decided to watch them all! 

now for some photos.. 

The Hall - one of the tables.

Ravenclaw uniform
Slytherin Uniform
Gryffindor Uniform
HufflePuff Uniform

The Ice Sculpture 

The Clock Tower

of course i had to try some butterbeer- it was rather odd tasting but it was nice! but of course its not everyones cup of tea! LOL

Privet Drive

Diagon Alley, its nothing you would expect! (it's indoors for a start!) but theres so much detail involved! with having Gringotts Bank at one end and Weasley brother's joke shop at the other.

Gringotts Bank

then you turn a corner and see this magnificent thing! its Hogwarts! its so impressive, i took a big gasp when i saw it and you can walk all the way around to look at everything and take photos from various angles. 

if you are a Harry Potter fan then i would recommend you to go to the studios! it really is amazing! 
tickets can be booked in advance here.. you also have to book a time slot to visit, but you can do this any time after buying your tickets. 

speak soon!


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