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Monday, 15 April 2013

helloooo! :) I'm sorry i haven't wrote for a while i have been quite bad, BUT NOT WITH MY CHEST! I've had sickness and dizziness, I've had it for 2 weeks now but I'm finally eating again now, as i didn't eat for a whole week but i was having my feeds through my feeding tube, I'm still dizzy but the doctors think i have a inner ear infection and have vertigo, so I'm seeing a E.N.T doctor this week, I'm in hospital for a couple of days to have some IVs but I'm only staying until friday hopefully, as my chest is pretty good at the moment! i came to hospital last week to get checked over and my CRP was only 10! It hasn't been that low for a whole year! but I'm having IVs now so I'm well enough to go on holiday with my mum and 2 sisters on the 3rd may :)

ive had some good news too! :D I've been told i am on TOP of the transplant list! so as soon as their is some suitable lungs they are mine!!!!

I don't have much to write anymore as its always the same, come in hospital for IVs, go home for 2-3 weeks then come back in! i cant wait until all this is over and i can enjoy my life! run around after my dog, go to paris! maybe even america, go to college and do my photography course, just have fun. :)

10 months 15 days on transplant list..x
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