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Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Yesterday night(07/10/14) me and mum travelled up to London we got the train at 6:17pm, Dad drove us to tiverton parkway so we only had one train ride and didn't have to switch any trains and our train went straight to paddington. We got to our accommodation at GOSH italian building and was hungry so we ordered food haha! 

This morning we went to GOSH and waited in the reception area for about an hour and then they moved me to an isolation room because of my CMV, i had my height, weight and bloods done, then went for lung function which is.. 75%!!!!! it's the highest it's ever been in my life! then i went to X-ray, came back to our isolation room and waited for Helen Spencer to come and see me. When she came in she just asked the normal questions: how am i? how have i been? and then i told her about the really bad cold i have at the minute but she's happy because it hasn't effected my lung function, she said she is really happy with my lungs and me! my neutrophils are good so i need to start back on MMF so i don't get rejection again! when my cold has gone and I'm better i can stop voriconazole and aciclovir because i don't need them anymore! 

Transition talk:
Today Helen mentioned about starting to talk about me going to adult transplant team and she said the best place for me to go is Harefield hospital and i will probably be ready to go for my 17th birthday! its pretty scary but I've been to a couple of hospitals before so another one won't hurt will it? i don't really want to leave GOSH because it's an amazing hospital and i know everyone, but i suppose i will get to know everyone at Harefield! 

i dont go back up to GOSH until 14th january now, which is so good!!

Mum and me on the train :)

Thanks for reading guys!
Speak soon
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