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my second chance of life!!!!!

Monday, 26 August 2013

HELLOOO!!!! im going to start right at the beginning! well on Saturday the 10th august at 7:28am I was fast asleep in dream land, at 7.29 I was woke up by my mum moving around in bed and the phone was ringing, my mum decided to leave it as it was a number she didn't know, I got up to do my IV's and then mum came back from the toilet and the phone rang again.. this time they left a message "hello angela this is grace from the transplant team we have a suitable match for lungs for Katie Marie please ring back as soon as possible" my mum looked and me said 'KATE ITS THE TRANSPLANT TEAM THEY HAVE LUNGS FOR YOU". you will not understand what went through my head at that point, the first thing I thought was NO this cant be happening even though I was an amazing thing I did not want to do it at that point I was so scared! my mum rang grace back and sorted out ambulance and stuff and I was just sat on my bed crying and I felt so numb! mum packed some things whilst I rang my dad and 2 sisters, but they couldn't understand me because I was just such a mess! my sisters just cried to and told me they would see me in a couple of weeks and everything was going to be ok! my dad came straight down as we waited for the ambulance it turnt up at 9:45 it was meant to turn up at 9:00 but It was running late and that was even more hard because it being 45 minutes late felt like torture, sitting there waiting!! the drive felt like forever, I just couldn't stop thinking what was about to happen, I was silent all the way to GOSH. we arrived at GOSH at 1:15 and grace and Rosanne was outside waiting for us with a wheelchair and then they took us to bear ward to sit while we were waiting to find out if it was a go ahead! we seen a anaesthetist and a surgeon, I had a nurse called Hannah who took my temp, checked my SATS, took some bloods, then my dad had to sign the papers and we waited until they said what was happening about 3:15 grace came in and said "it is good news, it is a go ahead and im going to let you take it it all in by taking you to theatre right now" my body went straight back to numb again, we left to go down to theatre and soon as we got there I said I couldn't do it! but the nurses were like "think of what its going to be like after" i said goodbye to my mum and i squeezed her tight and didn't want to let go because it could of been the last time i ever saw my mum and dad because this operation is a pretty serious operation me and dad went into the room where they put you to sleep, me and my dad was crying and i said i loved him and ill see him soon and then they put me to sleep, 7 hours later the operation was finished and i was taken to ICU at half 10 where i stayed asleep until sunday afternoon and then they woke me up and i had no idea what was going on, i just had these tubes coming out my mouth and in my stomach and the nurse was talking to me and i had to answer by writing things down, but i was getting stressed because they couldn't understand my writing haha, i mostly slept until Monday really and on Monday was the day i started to breath properly on my own as the breathing tube was removed and it didn't feel any different to me as i was still very tired and i was on high flow oxygen to keep my SATS up but that's normal, on Tuesday 13th i had to go back down to theatre to have my port taken out as they didn't take it out when i had my transplant for a reason i do not know, the next day i had my caffita out and that was rather painful haha! Thursday 15th i had my first chest drain out and they gave me some stuff to make me not feel it and i was abit happy! and then on Saturday i had my second and last chest drain out! then the next few days nothing really happened just stayed in ICU and I started to get up out of bed, sit in the chair next to my bed, walk a little bit down the corridor, but the first time I sat up was very hard, I was so dizzy and tired and my muscles ached for ages after! finally on Monday 19th I got moved to bear ward and my sisters came up to visit me for a few days for my birthday on Tuesday! I had a great birthday because my sisters were there, they brought loads of cards and presents up from people where I live! I cant thank people enough for all the support they have given me! for my birthday I had £270!! :) we went out for lunch in giraffe and it was so nice! I had to be back by 5 for IVs and stuff but it was a good day! on Wednesday I had my first biopsy and I went down to theatre at 10:30 and came back round about 1:00pm I felt so rubbish that day but I had my nurse from north Devon come to visit me for the day! it was really nice to see her! she bought me loads of presents from the ward on Caroline Thorpe ward and presents from my auntie Alison! I've been so spoilt! on Friday the doctor came in and said I DONT HAVE REJECTION! :D which is really good news, but were still waiting on the results from the cultures so at the moment im still on IV antibiotics as i need them to protect me from having pseudomonas in my new lungies! oh yeah at the moment i have diabetes as all my anti-rejection medicine and steroids are making my sugar levels go really high so i need insulin at the moment, were not sure if its forever until I've been lowered in my steroids, this week were starting to learn how to do my meds and tablets for when im allowed home! so that's one step closer to going home! they haven't said when I can go home but its only been 2 weeks since my transplant! i am so so so happy that i have finally had my new lungs! all i think about at the moment is my donor and there family! i am so thank full!! i cant wait until i can get home and do everything ive dreamed of! i can finally go out with my friends and enjoy myself and breathe easy!! im going to live my life to the full now! and im going to be the photographer i want to be! and go to paris! i want you all to know ill still be updating my blog and keeping you up to date even though it wont be much about my health anymore as its going to change a lot! but ill update you with all the things im doing with my new healthy lungs!

thank you all for reading my blog updates and all the support!! xxxxxxx

Me after transplant with a bottle of coke haha!


  1. This has brought me to tears you little star :) I'm so pleased this was the right call for you and that everything is going the right way. I'd love to see some photos you've taken once you're up and about so I hope you're marching around everywhere with a camera when you can! x x x

  2. Omg. I can't believe how strong u are. Ur so brave and Well done on ur new lungs.
    Hope u had a fantastic birthday. Defo sounds like u did.
    Ang, andy, sammy and lou have have an amazing daughter and sister and the kids have a fab aunti3

  3. Im crying as I read this!! They are tears of admiration and joy for you!! You have been strong and a true inspiration to other CF sufferers! Cant wait to read your blog of the wonderful things you will be able to achieve!!xx

  4. so glad to see your doing better,have fall upon your story through twitter as I also write a transplant blog! Hope your enjoying your new gift,but take it steady! Best Wishes Kate :) x

  5. hey sweet,hope your okay? after leaving my last comment I got nominated for a liebster award so i've nominated you! :)
    you can read about it here x


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