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hospital, portacath & PETER ANDRE!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

hello guys! it has been a long 2 weeks or so! i started IV's at home and i was okay for a couple of days. but a week into it i didn't feel well at all! i had a temperature, my SATS were low, i had chest pain, so i had to go up to the hospital for a check up & ended up staying in, i had a few blood tests & blood culture & a couple of days later those bloods came back & the doctors said i had an infection in portacath line! i have had this for 7 weeks!!! they didnt think to check my blood cultures at the time! so i have been unwell for 7 weeks and its because i had an infection! they said the only way of getting rid of it was removing my port line, but a couple of months ago they told us i wouldnt be able to have an operation again before my transplant as my lungs are to poorly! but i needed this port out, the only option was to be awake when they took it out!! i had the operation Monday at 3:00pm and it was an hour long, it was the longest hour of my life! i didn't feel a thing as they injected local anesthetic, but injecting that was SO SHARP! i cant believe i stayed awake for it! my nurse Jan came into the theatre room with me as i didn't want to be alone, and she was telling me what the surgeons were doing! taking out the port was only 10 minutes! but they had to put a long line in for me to have the rest of my antibiotics! and they had to try twice! that was the worst bit about the operation! it was so painful, later on that day i was out of my bed and walking around!! but yesterday and today i don't feel very good, just really tired and pain in my long line, i had more bloods done today to check if the infection has gone down, and it has i will be able to go to my Peter Andre concert i have on Friday to Monday! im so excited!! but i want to be as well as i can! so i hope i feel better tomorrow!  

in 2 weeks i can go up to bristol to have my new portacath in! but i have to be asleep! they know its a risk but i really need a port! but im in safe hands :)

we had a letter threw from great ormand street and we have to go up for a re-assessment on the 20th December!! so close to Christmas! but im still going shopping! ;)

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  1. hey!! good luck with mr andre, i am ubber jealous!!

    also good luck with ur admission to bristol, do u no wat ward u r going to yet!? i used to work there, and the team is amazing, they will look after u every step of the way!!

    charlie x


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