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Transplant clinic 28/01/15

Thursday, 29 January 2015


I had transplant clinic at Great Ormand Street yesterday and it went okay, rather good actually little bad news but.. lung function has gone up a little bit to 68% which is good, around a week ago it was just about coming up from 50% and weight has gone up! I'm on 20mg of pred now but still eating anything I see so my cheeks are like hamster cheeks! when I was discharged from GOSH 2 weeks ago they did a blood test to test my antibodies and the results came back positive for Antibody-mediated rejection in my lungs, so I'm going back to GOSH on the 9th February to start treatment for it, i'm still allowed to go disneyland next Tuesday which i am soooo excited for!!! I am feeling much better then I was when I was in GOSH and my walking has got a lot better, I'm still getting out of breath a little bit walking like up stairs and hills but most people get out of breath doing them haha! 

I will talk to you all after disneyland because of course i'm going to do a blog post about it!!

As always, thank you for reading
Speak soon
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Goodbye 2014

Thursday, 15 January 2015


2014 was the year i started to live a normal life again, despite going into hospital a few times because of lung problems, it was still a great year. 

  • I did my GCSE exams which wasn't easy because i missed nearly 2 years of school
  • I left school
  • I went to my school prom which i never thought would happen
  • I went to see ONE DIRECTION!
  • I went to Butlins with my family
  • I was 1 year post Double Lung Transplant thanks to my organ donor
  • I had my 16th birthday and party- 2 years ago i didn't think i would be here for my 16th birthday
  • I went to Hungary with my dad for a week! 
  • I met some great friends thats I've always spoke to online (Faith, Jess, Emily & David, Charlotte, Victoria and Vanessa)
  • I've made amazing friends from college that i can call my best friends 
These things might not be a great big deal for some people but for me it is amazing! i say this a lot but i only did all those things because an organ donor saved my life! their parents/carers said YES to organ donation. loosing someone you love is the hardest thing that could happen but knowing that they saved someone else's life is a great thing! i will always be happy with my life no matter what happens and will never ever forget my donor. 

sign up and do the right thing, organ donation saves lives: CLICK HERE!

Update: the methylpred seems to have worked its magic and now i am on 60mg of prednisolone for a week and gradually bringing it down(i'm still eating loads!) my lung function has gone up to 64% which means i am going home tomorrow! after 4 weeks of being in hospital i am actually allowed home! i will be coming back up to GOSH on the 28th January for a quick check up before i go to DISNEY!!!! and i have my fundoplication on the 19th February! i am sooooo happy!! :)

As always, thank you for reading
Speak soon
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Happy New Year :)

Friday, 9 January 2015


I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!! in my last post I said was in hospital but they let me home for Christmas and Boxing Day! :) It was lovely even though I wasn't feeling 100% and was on IVs, I was taken back into hospital on Saturday(the day after Boxing Day) because my saturations were low and it was really hard to breathe and my lung function dropped everyday, I was transferred to GOSH on the Monday and had a bronc and biopsy on Tuesday the results came back there was no rejection and no infection, we had no idea what was wrong with me, then I picked up a virus which meant everyone who came into my room had to wear a mask and I was isolated but doctors didn't think was the problem. I had a chest CT scan and that didn't look good at all so they decided to do needle lung biopsy, which I was asleep for(thankfully) yesterday I had the news that they found evidence that I have acute rejection, chronic rejection and antibody rejection, I am very shocked that I have all 3 but Helen my doctor said she will do her best to make me better again! I am starting very strong methyl pred tomorrow to hopefully treat it and make me well enough to go to Disneyland on the 4th February!

Thank you so much to everyone who has messaged me, I am very thankful to have great people in my life and always will be forever grateful to my donor xxx

As always, thank you for reading 
Speak soon

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