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6 months post transplant

Monday, 10 February 2014

hey everyone!! so last time i updated i was in hospital, i got discharged on the wednesday after i wrote, they kept me in because i needed to have IV antibiotics because i was spiking temps and it was dangerous because my neutrophils were so low, but when i went home i still had to stay in and no one was allowed in for a couple of days, my bloods were checked again friday and my white cells and neutrophils were back up again! on the saturday i went to my friends house to have chinese because it was her 16th birthday! it was a really good night and we did this awards thing and i won the who's mostly to be famous one day trophy haha!! monday i went back to school and the friday just gone i went out for a meal for being 6 months post transplant today!! my mum and sister bought me cards! yesterday my baby sister was born!!! she is called Poppy Doreen Gammon, born at 7:49pm on 09.02.14 weighing 8lb 4oz!! she is the cutest!! I'm finally a big sister. i went to see her today and took a couple of pictures. and today after school my sisters, there partners and my nieces and nephews came round for tea because I'm 6 months post tx today!! there is no words to explain how grateful i am to my donor! i wouldn't be here without him/her, and there families selfless decision to give their loved ones organs to people who need them!! also my mum got a cake made for me! it is so cool!! thanks to everyone for the messages today!  here are some pictures..

me and Poppy
my cake!! 
Poppy Doreen

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