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My Nightmare Before Christmas

Sunday, 21 December 2014


In my last blog post I said I had cold and a bit of a cough, well that cough got worse and I went to my first clinic appointment back at my local hospital and my doctor decided to admit me into hospital for 2 weeks! yes just before Christmas! :( my lung function has dropped and i am bringing up green mucus. I started IV Colistin and Ceftazidime, I've been doing some intense physio to get the rubbish off my lungs! I don't feel much better but the IVs are making me so tired and I don't have any energy. I had a Midline in yesterday(Saturday) I was awake when i had it done(I've never had one in a awake before) and I hated it, but I've been through worse! they tried to go for a PICC line but its wouldn't go around so they stuck to a Midline, i'm hoping I can go home for Christmas Day to spend with my family! The children's ward at the hospital is so christmassy i love it, but i would rather spend my Christmas at home :P 

But I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

As always, thank you for reading
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Winter Wonderland & My New Car

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Last Tuesday i went to Winter Wonderland with my dad, Tracey(step mum), sister and step brother. Me, mum and dad went last year but Tracey wanted to go this year and of course I would want to go! it was the same as last year but i think it's just amazing! I went on a fair ground ride with Tracey! :O I never go on rides but i really wanted to go on and I dragged Tracey on with me! :P I wouldn't stop laughing and she said a lot of swear words whilst on it! I bought my mum a pink candle for her bathroom(she loves candles) and I also bought some voodoo dolls. Wednesday we went to Westfield shopping centre(best place ever).

Thursday was the day I picked up my car from Truscotts, I have a new Peugeot 108, I have it on mobility because after transplant it is still a battle with walking and i still cant walk very far, I get so tired and another reason is that doctors advise you not to travel on public transport. My dad is teaching me how to drive until I'm 17 and then do some lessons with a driving instructor and hopefully do my test! well I've got to pass the theory first! I did my first driving lesson friday and it went really well for my first go ;)

I have a cold and a bit of a cough at the moment so i have been put on co-amoxiclav, hopefully this will sort me out, no one wants to be ill on Christmas Day!

Here are some photos..

 Winter Wonderland...

My Car...

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Emily Icke's 1 Year Transplant Anniversary Party

Monday, 8 December 2014


Friday 5th December: Me, mum and my step dad travelled up to Aylesbury for a very special event! it was my lovely friend Emily Icke's SUPRISE transplant party! it was on saturday but we thought we would go up on Friday.

Saturday 6th December: It was a great night and when Emily came in she was so shocked and happy, and shocked that we were there! it was lovely to finally meet Emily and David(Emily's husband) i also met Charlotte Davies, Victoria Glen and Vanessa Bradley who have had transplants too! David organised it really well and every thing that was done was done perfectly! All the money raised will be going to 3 charities: Live Life Give Life, Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Royal Brompton & Harefield :) 

We are thankful to Emily's donor who saved her life, and will always be thinking of them and their family for making that decision. Live Life Give Life.

Here are some photos of the night…

Me and the beautiful Emily Icke :)
Me and Charlotte :)

Me, Charlotte and Victoria :)

Kirstie, Charlotte, Me, Victoria, Emily and David :)

As always, thank you for reading
Speak soon
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