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Monday, 15 April 2013

helloooo! :) I'm sorry i haven't wrote for a while i have been quite bad, BUT NOT WITH MY CHEST! I've had sickness and dizziness, I've had it for 2 weeks now but I'm finally eating again now, as i didn't eat for a whole week but i was having my feeds through my feeding tube, I'm still dizzy but the doctors think i have a inner ear infection and have vertigo, so I'm seeing a E.N.T doctor this week, I'm in hospital for a couple of days to have some IVs but I'm only staying until friday hopefully, as my chest is pretty good at the moment! i came to hospital last week to get checked over and my CRP was only 10! It hasn't been that low for a whole year! but I'm having IVs now so I'm well enough to go on holiday with my mum and 2 sisters on the 3rd may :)

ive had some good news too! :D I've been told i am on TOP of the transplant list! so as soon as their is some suitable lungs they are mine!!!!

I don't have much to write anymore as its always the same, come in hospital for IVs, go home for 2-3 weeks then come back in! i cant wait until all this is over and i can enjoy my life! run around after my dog, go to paris! maybe even america, go to college and do my photography course, just have fun. :)

10 months 15 days on transplant list..x


  1. Fight all the time! You are better warrior than our knights in the past. Greetings and best wishes from Poland!

  2. Your so brave and such a inspiration to others with your condidtion. The fact that you never let it beat you at such a young age speaks wonders, most girls would have given up and just stopped living but you didnt you carried on with your life as normally as you possibly could. Others with the same condition should take a leaf out of your book.. so brave at such a young age your story brought tears to my eyes! You have people from all over the world standing up and taking notice and you should be proud of that babe :). Just look at the comment above, I hope you get everything you want out of your future and dont ever let anything hold you back! You can do anything you want and you definitely deserve it. Sending lots of love and best wishes your way xx


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