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A Bump In The Road

Sunday, 19 October 2014


Last Sunday(08.10.14) i was having severe pain in my groin, it got worse as an hour went on, then i couldn't handle it anymore so mum had to ring an ambulance, they paramedic team came and said because of my history i needed to go to the hospital, when we got there the doctor that was working at A&E said they have rung the surgical team to come and check on me which they did and said it wasn't my appendix so they decided to send me up to the children's ward Caroline Thorpe Ward, they did give me the choice to go onto an adult ward but of course i was going to choice the children's ward! i know i will have to go onto the adult ward when I'm 18 but thats 2 years yet! anyway… me and mum finally got to sleep about 4:00am and woke up at 8:00am!! we was shattered!! and then i had to go for an ultrasound scan to check things were okay, after that we waited all day and then we finally found out that i probably had a small cyst on my ovaries and it had popped, thats why i was in so much pain! 

We went home Monday tea time and then i was fine over night so i went back to college on Tuesday, but Tuesday night i wasn't feeling too well again, this time i was feeling sick, really cold, dizzy and my heart rate was high, i kept checking my temperature but that was fine and my sugars were fine! i just went to sleep early that night and felt a bit better in the morning but woke up really dizzy and i couldn't really lift my head off the pillow; since then I've been feeling a lot better and i'm going back to college tomorrow, i hate missing college because i really want to get on with my course! and of course i miss seeing my friends! ;) 

As always, thank you for reading
Speak soon
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  1. You poor thing!!
    Hope youve been getting plenty of rest?
    Kate xoxo

  2. I am feeling much better now and had lots of rest
    Thank you Kate!


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