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Legoland Adventure

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Hello my lovelies. 

Yesterday, i went out with my dad and then he asked me if i wanted to go out for the day today(04/10/14) then my Tracey(my step mum) said we should go to Legoland as we have an merlin annual pass, so my dad looked at some hotels online and then booked it!! we travelled up to windsor yesterday night and got there about 8:30pm, i was so excited when i woke up this morning!! even though the weather was bad we still had an amazing time! me and my step brother went on a ride where we had to pull ourselves up and then let go of the rope and we would fall back down again! and then we went on a water slide, i don't really go on rides as i get dizzy easily which take prochlorperazine for. We was very wet and very cold at about half 2 so we decided to leave and come home. But yeah. It was amazing. 

Before i show you the photos, I'm off to Great Ormand Street on Tuesday night for Transplant clinic on Wednesday, I'm hoping for all good results as i have been very well since my last appointment except for that little blip when i had to go into hospital :) I've been feeling the best I've ever felt!

Without my donor and their family i wouldn't be able to do things like this and enjoy it! They will be forever in my heart. <3

Here are the photos… 

- There was a lego giraffe with him bottom poking out haha!

-An ice cream and coffee shop at the beginning of Legoland :)

-They sell amazing doughnuts! 

-Lego Big Ben!

-Buckingham pallace!

-And of course a Lego Eiffel Tower, one day i will see real one and i will walk up/down it! 

Thank you all for reading
Speak soon
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