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I'm home!

Friday, 14 December 2012

yaaaaay! im finally home! it feels so good to get in my own bed! i can defently say i do NOT miss the hospital beds haha! im getting loads of cuddles from my dog missy :) we went pets at home & tesco yesterday & i got a PINK fish tank for when im getting fish in a couple of days! it looks pretty cool! & i bought missy a new 'Mrs Claus' outfit which she looks soooo cute in!

i have an appointment in great ormand street Thursday for my re-assessment for lung transplant, were going up Wednesday so i don't have to travel up and back in the same day as will be quite tired from the tests & Wednesday i get to go shopping in oxford street!

thats it really, just letting everyone know im home! :) the support from everyone means so much! thank you all!

missys new outfit :)

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