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Monday, 3 December 2012

hey guys! :)
sorry i dont write much but i keep forgetting!! soo..
over the past couple of weeks i went to see peter andre!! he was AMAZING! but we had to come back on the sunday as my long line broke:( so i had to come back to my hospital to have it taken out.
couple of days after we got a call from my consultant telling us we have a date to go up to Bristol to have a portacath put in again & that date is 4th December, which is tomorrow! we put our Christmas decorations up & our Christmas tree because i had to come in hospital for IV's so I'm well enough to have the operation & i wouldn't be out of hospital to at least the 10th, I've been on IV's for 6 days now & I've had 3 canulas:( they always brake! i was meant to go to Bristol yesterday but there was no beds so I'm hopefully going up today!
ill update you more after I've had the operation and I'm well enough, as my lungs are so poorly they will take longer to recover from the op, but I'm still fighting this illness & i wont stop until i get my new lungs!

Peter Andre! :)
our Christmas tree :)

me and mum ready for Peter Andre.

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