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Portacath Operation

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Hi  :) we finally went to Bristol on Friday 7th by ambulance, the nurse came in at 8:30am to tell us -.- i was so tired haha, we went up about 11:30 ish & got there about 1:45, we went threw A&E because you normally do, the paramedics took us to our ward, we was on ward 38 - the medical ward. When we got there it was really busy, we was waiting for the doctors till about half 4! then my IV's were late at 5:00! so then they wasn't due until 1:00 in the morning! :( the doctors said i was going to have the operation on Saturday, we had to be seen by the anesthetic team, then the surgeon & then we got a time, it was at 12:00pm on Saturday. But saturday came and they said i needed a ECHO to check my heart was ok to have the anesthetic, it took an hour to do, so i didn't go down to theatre until 1:15 but when they porter came to take me down to theatre i didn't want to leave my mum i was cuddling her and didn't want to let go! the nurses were pulling me of her! but in the end i gave up haha! i was put to sleep threw gas and air, witch was HORRIBLE! i was asleep from 1:30 to 3:00 witch was longer then they wanted me to be but it was okay, when i woke up i had the WORST headache ever, especially because i hadn't drank or eaten anything that day & the anesthetic gives you headaches, but i couldn't see anything for a couple or seconds, my legs, arms, head was so heavy! my throat was really hurting because of the tube i had to have down there, i was in so much pain where the port had just been put it, i was on 5 litres of oxygen, then my dad came to the recovery room and i was so glad to see him i didn't want to let go of his hand! i was abit happy after as i was on so many drugs haha! but i went back to sleep again, when i woke up i felt better & i drank loads of water! & had a jam sandwich & my oxygen was turned straight down to 2 litres, but i could hardly move as it hurt so much:( but as the night went on i started to feel even better, so i watched X factor, i went to sleep early Saturday i was so tired & i slept all night! we woke up Sunday and the doctors came round and seen how well i felt, so they said we could come back to our main hospital :) we left Bristol about half 2 & got home half 4, I'm still in alot of pain but I'm doing okay :) & the doctors are on about sending me home Friday :) i cant wait to get home and see my dog!! i miss her so much! :(

thank you everyone for all the messages! it means so much!

the wire is right over my bone on my neck:(

me after the operation.

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