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Annual review

Friday, 19 October 2012

I had annual review today, it actually went ok for once! :) we was talking about antibiotics and physio and she said i have to have physio more and to see my own physiotherapist once a week, and she was talking about this machine that you go on in the night, it wasn't bipap but she didn't want me to start anything like that because i recently had a pneumothorax and thats what could help a pneumothorax come. I also met my new consultant, he was really nice:) and learned some new physio techniques. I have to have a glucose tolerant test, GFR, and starting vitamin K. My weight is 30.45kg, i didn't have to do lung function as was quite busy!

IM ALLOWED HOME TODAY:) and do home IVs, finish them on monday!:)

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