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Friday, 10 January 2014

hey everyone, i said on my last post i would let you all know how clinic went..
it went good, i had to have my breakfast and tablets at half 7 because i had to have this drink and dye X-ray at 12 and i needed to have an empty stomach for it! before my transplant my FEV1 was 0.36 and now its 1.96!! (which is 90%!!) and i now weigh 42.55kg. Helen Spencer is pretty happy about my recovery but I've had a cold for a while now and it doesn't seem to be going so she put me on azithromycin everyday instead of monday, wednesday and friday, for 3 - 4 weeks! my steroids are down to 7.5mg, so hopefully my cheeks will start to go down now!! (i hate them) soon i have to have a nissan fundoplication as i have a lot of reflux and we don't want it to go into my lungs, also I'm having my feeding tube out at the same time, i don't go back up to GOSH until the 27th February for a bronc on the 28th! I'm hopefully starting gym soon! not to loose weight but to do some exercise! also i had an X-ray on my wrist to see if i have anymore growing to do as i haven't grown for a while, if the X-ray comes back and i do have some growing to do they are going to give me something to help me! i hate being so small!!

i went to madame tussauds the day before clinic it was so good! i got my hand made out of wax but it was really hot!! but when i got back to the flat the wax had broken and the fingers had fallen off! but i managed to get a picture of it stuck together but my fingers look so small haha!! i had a picture with the one direction wax!! i payed for a phone case of me and them and also a glass block! at the end there was a 4D thing and my mum was nearly screaming as it poked you in the back, sprayed cold air at you and the seats vibrated!
of course i took some pictures…

don't forget to sign up to be an organ donor just click here!

one direction!
selfie with harry :P
selfie with zayn!!

Mum and ET! 
my wax hand! 


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