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R.i.p lucy wilton, rattling and battling

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Since my last post.. everything has just broke down into pieces. On 22nd september i was at the barnstaple carnival, wasn't really enjoying it because it was quite boring and i was freezing, but my mum got a phone call and she got off the phone and just burst out crying, and straight away i knew it was about my friend Lucy, she had passed away that day waiting for double lungs! Her body couldn't fight anymore, when i found out it felt like my heart had just been ripped out and i couldn't breathe! Even though i never met her i was very close to her and spoke to her everyday until she started to got worse and didn't even have energy to text! At the carnival everyone was starring at us because we was crying but i didn't care! we went home straight away! i still cant believe shes gone! I still think 'aw I'm gonna text Lucy in a minute' but then remember and just sit quietly. I miss her so much!:( i really hope she like heaven and is looking over me and is gonna be there with me when i have my transplant! Lucy was the most funniest girl I've ever met! she always made me laugh and always cheered me up! on the day of her funeral we couldn't go because there was people with cystic fibrosis going to! and didn't want to risk it as on the transplant list, but me and my family set off lanterns for her and dressed up in pink and purple as they was her favourite colours, setting of the lanterns was so funny! 2 of them didn't go up cos they set on fire and NEARLY set a car on fire! but mine went up!:) i bet Lucy was there blowing everyone else's down and just let mine go up! hehe, i hope she liked them! I will never forget Lucy, she will always be in my heart!

2 weeks ago i had to go into hospital for iv antibiotics and physio, a couple of days later, i started to feel all dizzy and always tired and fell over quite alot, they said i had vertigo, a side affect from one of my antibiotics, but they couldnt take me off it because my body is resistant to most antibiotics, so one night my mum rang my cf nurse and told her what was going on and she said take me off the antibiotic staight away and we will find another one! so we did.. and a couple of days ago i started a new one called aztreonam, ive never had this before, but it seems be going ok, but i still feel quite dizzy, just going to wait until ivs have finished then see what im like after that. it has been a rough 2 weeks:(

last night i went and seen labrinth live! he was amazing! but it was boiling in the o2 acadamy i had to go outside and get some air! we had quite a good view! :) i had a day leave from hospital and going back today:( tomorrow i have anual review and gonna see if i can come home tomorrow! :)

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  1. Im so sorry to here about your friend Lucy, she was very lucky to have you as a friend... i really hope you get your lung transplant soon... your blog is an inspiration to other young kids who are going though an illness like you..


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