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Monday, 22 October 2012

Ive been home since friday and its been so nice! been doing all my IVs and all my physio! but my mucus doesnt want to come of my lungs!:( i finish my ivs tomorrow so thats good!:)

next week is the sponsered walk i organised with my sister and dad, its to raise money to get me an electric wheelchair and what ever money we have left we will give it to my cf nurse and the childrens caroline thorpe ward in north devon district hospital. But where we are getting the wheelchair from has let me borrow the chair for the week! its so cool! I still do all my walking and physio but its so much better with an electric one, so i dont have to go everywhere with my mum, even though i love going everywhere with her!:) i cant wait for the wak! 130 people are doing it! It will be good afternoon and a laugh!

im going to write on my blog more often now! cos i used to write on it like once a month but i will try and write more!

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