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pain, pain and more pain! & the sponsered walk! :D

Monday, 29 October 2012

since my last post i have not been well! i had to go to hospital to see a doctor and she wants me to have IV's again for 3 weeks! ive only been of them for 1 week!!! :( and also there was some talk about me starting BIPAP!:( i really didnt want to come that ill for it! i wanted to get my lungs before needing that!
ive had so much pain in my lungs today! hopefully my nurse doesnt say i need to go into hospital! and i really dont want to because in just over 2 weeks im going to butlins to see peter andre live! & i want to be well! :(

On the other hand, saturday was the sponsered walk to raise money for my electric wheelchair! it was such a good day! but i wasnt feeling well atall! but i wasnt going to let CF beat me that day, everyone was there for ME so i wanted to be there! all together there was 136 people!! the gazette came and took some pictures to! it was a really great day! we started at 12:00 and finished at about 3:30 because everyone stopped at the pub haha! i did half way(in my wheelchair) because it was freezing! so my dad picked me up and i went back to the start and waited for people to come back! i was suprised when eveyone turnt up! after that me and some of my family went for food, but i didnt eat cos i wasnt hungry and felt sick :( but i went sleep early that night and slept all night! i normally dont ! i normally wake up with pain and cant breathe but i didnt! :)
here are some pictures..

'round table' kindly donated £750!!

how many people did the walk!

ready to go! there was so many buggys!

my and my friends!
 5 months 1 week and 4 days on transplant list..x

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  1. Hey Hun I know bi pap seems scary but it really does help and it will give you that little extra boost each day so you can do more and feel a bit better. If you want to ask anything about it just fb me xxx


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