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Home Sweet Home

Monday, 28 April 2014


i thought i would update you all and I'm happy to tell you all that i am home from the hospital! i came out on thursday afternoon, on wednesday they did my lung function and it was down to 80% so down 10% but i done it again friday night and it was back up! :) i stopped having temps on wednesday morning and had to not have a temperature for 24 hours and i had bloods done on thursday and they came back better, and even my neutrophils came up! i could of went back to school on friday but i was too tired so i went back today instead :) i only have 14 school days until i leave forever!! :O and only 16 days including weekends until my first exam! which is a biology exam :( 

i would like to thank everyone for all the messages sent to the page that my sister set up for me whilst i was waiting for my transplant :) its called 'Strength And Prayers For Katie' go like if you want to, my sister updates it all the time, and shares some good organ donation stories and stories about CF too! 

speak soon


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