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Lovely hospital visit/stay

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Hello my lovely's! 

I know I only wrote a post on Sunday but I thought i would let you all know that i have been admitted to my local hospital because on Sunday night at 3am I had a temperature of 37.7, we left it because it wasn't as high as normal, but yesterday, my mum went to work and I was fine for half the day and then around 2ish I didn't feel well at all and I didn't think to check my temperature! but when my mum got home at 5 she looked at me and said 'Kate check your temp' so I did and it was 38.1!! :( rang my CF nurse and she said I needed to come to the hospital to be checked! When I got here I had bloods done and had a cannula put in just incase I needed IV antibiotics, the doctors spoke to great ormand street and they said I needed them! so they put me on Tazocin, colistin and they tried me on cipro IV as well but that was soooo painful going through the vain! so I'm on that oral now! :) I was going to be in only until tomorrow but I've still been having temperatures :( and my CRP is 31 so high but not to high but it shows that there is some sort of infection! also my neutrophils are even lower than last Thursday!! they are now 0.7 they was 0.12! so I'm not allowed to go and see Mcbusted on Thursday :( I'm so gutted because I was really looking forward to seeing them. And Ella!! :( but my health is more important! I really don't feel well at the minute, I'm hoping I'm better for next week so I can go back to school! I need to revise! I'm doing some in hospital though!

Hopefully I will be out of hospital soon and back to my normal self! :) 

A little quote <3 

speak soon!



  1. Hope your feeling better soon, true fighter, :-).keep up the fight x

  2. Hope u feel better soon sorry u have to miss out on mcbusted stay strong lots of love Danielle xxx


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