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Fundoplication Clinic

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Today i was a GOSH for an appointment to see Dr Curry about the Fundoplication surgery, but we didn't see Dr Curry, we saw his registrar, and she said because i have a lot of reflux i need to have the surgery, so I'm going onto the waiting list but i will have it after my exams, so at least i can get my exams out the way first, i will have to stay in hospital for 3-4 days and i have to eat sloppy foods for 6 weeks after the operation, it is key whole surgery, well they try that first and if it doesn't work then they will have to cut me! I'm not too worried about this because I've had many operations before! :) 

this is a picture of what they are going to do .

Also yesterday i had to get my lung function checked as my machine at home was reading low! but its okay my lung function is still 90%! :) and last night we went to m&m world, it was so good i loved it, but it was so busy! i bought some m&m's, a red m&m teddy thing and a blanket haha! 

I'm going back to school tomorrow as my neutrophils are back up :) so i get to go to my leavers assembly on friday!!! :D 

m&m world! :)

speak soon!


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  1. Hey Hun,I have nominated you for a inspirational blogger award :) xx


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