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bronc & hospital stay

Friday, 7 March 2014

heya my lovely blog readers! here is what has been happening.. on the 27th i went up to gosh to have a bronc on the 28th, we had to be at gosh for 1pm for clinic, my lung function is still 90% and my weight is 45.55kg :D my x ray looked the same as the one from my last clinic in january :)) in the night me and dad went to have tea in giraffe and then went on the London eye! it was such an amazing view at night! every thing was lit up and it looked so pretty! i had to sit down a couple of times because i was getting dizzy haha. then on friday it was the day of my bronc, we had to be over at GOSH for half 7:30 because i was first to go down to theatre at half 8, i  always hate being put to sleep! they had trouble trying to find a vein to put the cannula in, they had to try 5 times!! :( finally they found a vein and off i was to sleep!! when i woke up i felt sooo rubbish as you normally do after an anaesthetic and having a camera down your throat is gonna make your throat really sore too! but everything was okay so they let me come home, we left at 4 and got home at half 10, i hate the journey back from London because it always takes longer getting home then getting to London! on saturday i woke up and my throat had swollen right up! i looked like nutty professor! i could hardly eat or drink :( but my sister bought me some ice lollies and magazines :) then monday i went back to school as my throat had gone down! :) yesterday i went to the hospital for some bloods because my neutrophils have been low again so they needed to be checked again, but after the hospital i went into town with mum quickly before i went back to school as i didn't have any lessons until after break, and i was walking and i was feeling a bit out of breath but i didn't take any notice of it, i got to school and i was walking up the stairs and i had his sharp pain in my lungs and i was really out of breath when i got to my english lesson, but it settled down after 5 minutes but the pain was still there, so i went to first aid and they sent me home, mum rang GOSH and they said i needed to go to my local hospital to get checked out. we didn't get there until 5 as there was a lot of hassle! -.- they sent me for an X-ray and then i had an ECG and bloods, the X-ray looked fine and my ECG was only a little bit different from the last one i had but nothing to worry about, they wanted to keep me in over night as i was also coughing up blood, but after coughing up blood a couple of hours later my chest pain was gone! but today they said they didn't know why i had chest pain and breathlessness but i coughed up blood because my platelets are low so i can bleed and bruise easily! but I'm feeling so much better today :)) so the doctors let me home! I've had chill night and had a kebab and a had a bath with a lush bath bomb in it :) 

here is a picture of london at night :))

London at night :)) 

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