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Thursday, 20 March 2014

hey guys,

So last weekend on the friday i went to my friends house and had a chilled night and had Chinese, had a bit of fun and was dancing around the front room! :) it was a nice night and it was nice to relax and have fun. On the saturday we decided to go to Instow beach, it was really sunny but it was rather windy! we sat on a wall and just chatted really then after a while we got a bit cold so we went into Instow arms and i had a hot chocolate, which was lovely! they added marshmallows and whipped cream! :P saturday night i decided i needed to do some shopping so i texted my sister and asked her to come with me and she said yes so we went shopping on sunday! i spent £47 in new look on jeggings & 2 tops! then i spent £36 in topshop on some new jeans, and then we went into boots and because I've just started using no7 foundation i wanted to get some no7 skincare products, so i bought day cream, night cream and a cleanser! :) its made my skin really smooth! that came to £15 because it was on 3 for 2 and i had a £5 off voucher ;) monday i went to school and i found out that i got a C in my English assessment! I'm actually proud of that because I've missed so much school so i didn't think i was going to get a C! :) Tuesday me, my mum and dad had to travel to London because GOSH wanted to see me because i had chest pain and was coughing up blood that time! we did the usual: bloods, x-ray, lung function and then seen helen spencer, my lung function is still 90% and weight is stable and has stopped going up now! x-ray looks normal, Helen spencer said i had chest pain and was coughing up blood because when i had my bronc there was some secretions stuck in my lungs and it was causing me pain! so it wasn't anything to worry about! but its better to be safe then sorry! :) so everything is okay, so we left GOSH about half 1 and got home at 6, today i went to school and i received my timetable for my exams I'm taking! my last exam is friday the 13th of june! and its a maths one! 

on the 1st april i have an appointment at GOSH to see a doctor about my nissen fundoplication and hopefully they have a date for the operation! whilst they are doing the op they are going to take my feeding tube out, i really want it out before my prom in july! 

if anyone wants to get in contact with me here is my:

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