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R.I.P Kerry Thorpe

Saturday, 22 March 2014


This morning i got told some bad news about another cfer.. Kerry Alex Thorpe. sadly she passed away last night at 9:20pm with her dogs, fiancĂ© and family by her side, Kerry was waiting for a transplant and was waiting for a long time! but unfortunately her call didn't come in time, she's was only 23 years old. she was the strongest person i knew because she went through everything! i wish she got her call because everyone deserves to live their life! if their was more organ donors out there then maybe Kerry would still be here and had her transplant! so please sign up to be a donor.. just by clicking here
please do the right thing <3

Kerry Thorpe: Beautiful 

Also today i went to big sheep to do some photography at a kids 2nd birthday party! it was such fun, i love seeing kids running around and enjoying there self! i took over 250 photos! there was a sheep that looked like a hippy and hey had pigs there! it was a good day! 

Yesterday i found out that i leave school on the 20th may!! it feels so weird because that means school is over forever! its time to grow up and be who i want to be! 
I'm getting my eyes tested tomorrow as sometimes things go blurry and i keep getting headaches! so hopefully that gives me an answer about it :) 

speak soon! :D heres my.. 


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