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Merry Christmas, Happy new year & steroids.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, i had some great presents! it was a nice day to spend the day with the family & have a nice roast! with bacon and sausages! mmmm!

a couple of days after Christmas i started to feel tired and my oxygen went up to 1 litre, so we went up to see my doctor, he said i didn't need to have IV's yet because we were trying not to give me too many IV's as my body comes resistant to most of the antibiotics, so he started me on a course of steroids!! i havnt had steroids for 2 years and the last time i got really puffy face!! and i couldnt stop eating! well guess what? I CANT STOP EATING! i was 28.8kg when i went up to see the doctor and 4 days later i was 30kg! its good but my belly gets so full & i'm still hungry! my oxygen is back down to 0.6 litre now and i have more energy! :) i bought a new phone 2 days ago! i have now got a blackberry, i met up with some friends as well, it was nice to see them! ;D

for new years eve we just stayed in and watched the countdown on telly & had a buffet! & watched a film, was a nice night :)

hopefully 2013 will be the year i get my new lungs! and i can finally be a normal teenager! ;)

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  1. I really hope you get your lungs very soon and that 2013 is the year you get to live your dreams :)


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