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IV's & physio

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Hiya, well since my last update i came down with a bang! I've had no energy for nearly a week now & i was in bed for like 3 days my oxygen saturation's were 91 and 92 on 1 litre of oxygen so I'm stable on 1 litre, i had to start IV's early as i wasn't getting better with just rest, i started them Monday and still stayed in bed all day & couldn't get up for school as i was up all night coughing and having chest pain :( so my nurse said i had to come up to see my doctor & guess what? I've been admitted into hospital!! on Monday when Jan(my nurse) took bloods my CRP (infection levels) were 82 & yesterday they actually went down to 59 so my IV's were working but just taking there time, i'm in hospital to do more physio, waaay more physio then i thought i would be doing, my doctor said i had to do physio every HOUR today! it was pretty hard! but they let me have a break after 5oclock haha! i went sleep because i was so tired after all that physio! hopefully i don't have to stay in for too long this time! i stayed home for 3 weeks! which is good for me!
thanks everyone for the support! it actually makes me smile how many people have been there for me & helping me! :D ill update you with more stuff soon, hopefully one day i will be saying I've had a transplant!

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  1. Hi. I'm Polish and I can't speak so good English. I read your blog. I believe that soon you will be the donor. I have a new lung for 4 years. Today I feel as well. Hold on!



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