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Update From Katies Sister

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Hey :) I'm Katie's sister and she asked me to update her blog as she was to tired and wanted you too all be updated,
since her last blog Katie has fallen really ill, her CRP (infection) levels have gone right up from 50 to 96 then from 96 to 76 and now they are back up to 98! She has an infection in her port which her IV'S go through but doctors aren't sure what sort of infection it is, new IV's started today and blood results will be back tomorrow, so we will have more answers then! Katie has started having heart palpitations so was on a heart monitor for 24hours! A few nights ago she tried an overnight feed but since then has stopped as its to much for her! she had a few good days doing physio every hour and beating personal targets with walking and on special physio breathing equipment! Last night CF tested Katie, her oxygen went up to 15litres!! and required a high dependency nurse sat with her! her heart rate went up to 186! she is in bed resting and recovering at the moment! she is still fighting and going strong! check out her support and awareness page!


  1. keep going Katie! Keep fighting for those shinny lungs! you can do it!

  2. Fight darling! Do not give up.


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