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Sunday, 16 September 2012

hi everyone! sorry i havnt wrote anything for a while! i keep forgetting & when i go to do it, i get distracted!

well.. the last time i wrote i was waiting for my nephew to arrive & he has! he is called bailey, born on the 21st july! :) hes sooooo cute!
i was really well for couple of weeks! i went out everyday with my friends to the park because it was soo hot! i had loads of energy! but i started to get more tired and breathing worse around bout 16th august! so i started IV antibotics. But it was my birthday on 20th!:( so i wasnt well for it! i organised to go out for a meal with friends  a couple of days before & i did but that got ruined cos of the rain and the stupid peolple that worked there! on my actual birthday i spent it with family, my sisters, nieces and nephews, my auntie and cousin are lving with us at the moment so they was here to! :D it was a nice day but i was just so tired! a couple of days after that we realised i wasnt getting any better on the IV's i was on (colistin & ceftazidime. & tobramycin neb) so my mum rang the nurse, she said i had to go in to see the doctor. The doctor said i had to stay in hospital over the weekend & start to IV antibotics & change my nebuliser! so i stayed on colistin & changed ceftazidime to meropenem & changed my nebuliser to amikacin. it came to the weekend but the doctor wanted me to stay in even longer! so he just said i had to stay in untill i finished IV's! but as it went on i started to have side affects from the medicine! but i was ok! :) and getting better! they turned my oxygen down to 0.8 litres! which was good! :) they finally let me home the 12th! but yesterday i got rushed into hospital! after being out a couple of days!:( i had alot of sharp pain in my chest that ive never had before! it was on the right side! it was hurting so much! i had an x-ray and they said that was fine! which is weird! but the doctor said because my lungs are so bad i will get alot of pain now!:( so they said just keep taking pain relief! i had to stay in for the night though just to make sure i was ok! i still have the pain now just comes and goes! but as long as i can breathe i dont care. im home now and in bed resting :)
oh yeah.. im not going back to my normal school now as the doctors said it will be to much for me and i dont want to get any worse! i was looking forward to it but i have to do what the doctors say cos they know best! :) i want to stay well so i can have my new lungs when they come!
been on the list 15 weeks 3 days now! im hanging on in there! :)

my gorgrous nephew Bailey! :)
my birthday presents from my mummy :)


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