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My wish day!!:) 28.06.2012

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I had to wake up at 7:00am! And I didn't get any sleep the night before because my sister slept over for my special day, and she slept in my room with me and she snores so loud! Haha! I had such a good day with my mum and 2 sisters. We got picked up in a hummer! And taken to Exeter, then we walked to the apple shop to go pickup my iPad and we got there and ALL the staff started to clap! I was soo embarrassed! We stayed in the apple shop for about an hour and abit, because they shown me what to do with my new iPad!:) after we left apple, went went shopping!! We went to new look and I got some new clothes! And then went to HMV and I got Justin bieber album!:P and then it was time to go for lunch!:) we went to a restaurant called Harry's, it was nice food:) after lunch we went for more shopping for an hour because then it was time to come home!:( but we came home in the hummer again!:) but I ran out of oxygen on the way home so we was in a rush! But I was still okay I just put the oxygen back on at home:) I had an amazing day!!

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  1. Hello my names courtney , i also have CF im 14 years old so if you ever want to talk then either find me on facebook or email me ? I also had a wish from the make a wish fondation, i went to disney florida with my family in november , glad you had a good time :) x


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