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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Well I started ivs last thursday and then that night i went really ill! i had a temperture, my oxygen was low, felt dizzy and sick:( so mum rang the hospital and they said just to stay home and drink lots and have paracetomal, later on my temp went down abit and i felt a little better, but in the morning mum woke me up saying were going up to the hospital to get checked over. i felt soo ill:( so went hospital got checked over and they said i had to stay in the weekend:( which was horrible and boring! But it was the best pleace to be! i came out of hospital monday and and i still dont feel well so today im staying in bed all day!:( well exept to do physio and go to the toilet! my mum has texted the nurse to see if i am on the right iv antibiotics, and what to do because i feel so tired and drained:(

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