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butlins & make a wish foundation!:)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

on the 31st may my mum got a phonecall, me and my physio was just chatting whilst she was on the phone. she got of the phone and screamed, YOUVE GONE ACTIVE ON THE TRANSPLANT AS FROM TODAY! and i couldnt believe it! my heart was racing, me, mum & helen(physio) started to have a little cry. it felt weird because at any moment i could get that call! its scary but exciting at the same time!! :)

the day after i was discharged from the hospital even though i still had the pneumothorax, but i was soo happy to go home and into my own bed! we decided i was going to go into hospital every 4 weeks for IV antibiotics and stay in for 2 weeks. i suppose thats alright, i just want to keep well for when i get the call:)

18th june - 22nd june BUTLINS TIME!
i had such a good holiday with my family, we went on the arcades, on family bikes, went to the market & done some shopping! :D it was nice to spend some time with my auntie alison because im so close to her and lewis!(my cousin with cf too) even though me and lewis cant be together for too long we still went on holiday together because everytime we was with eachother we was out in the open so we cant catch eachother germs. on thursday i started to feel unwell and had alot of pain in my ribs, so my mum rang my nurse and she said when i got home on friday to go straight up the hospital to get checked, so we went there and had an x-ray to make sure it wasnt the pneumothorax and it wasnt!:) the pneumothorax has nearly gone! which is good news! the doctor wasnt to worried about the pain i was having because i was clinicly well, just had pain, he said i had to take 400mg of pain killers every 6 hours untill the pain was gone, and thankfully its gone now!:)

Im so excited for thursday because ive got my make a wish foundation thing!
me, my mum & my two sisters are being picked up in a LIMO from my house taken to exeter to pick up my ipad 3, go for lunch and then do some shopping!! :) its going to be a good day, and its gonna be one day i dont have to think about the transplant all the time and wondering when im going to get the call! and get to spend the day with just my sisters and mum! no one else!:)

i will write more soon!:)

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  1. That's brilliant news! I hope you can keep as well as you can. I'm glad you had a fab break in Butlins and that's so exciting you get your wish soon, I hope you have a fantastic day!
    I have CF too and I love finding other CF blogs! Gonna have a read through your other posts now :) xxx


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