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The Positives and Negatives

Sunday, 7 September 2014

     Hello my lovely blog readers.

My holiday to Hungary was really good! although it was thunder and lightning when we got there and for the first 2 nights its was raining! but it turned out to be nice weather the last 3 days! we went in the Siofok tower and you could see the whole of Lake Balaton, we did a lot of shopping, and one day we went to Budapest! i didn't really try anything that the Hungarian eat so i just stuck with spaghetti bolognese and pizza! :P When we got back i went into my bedroom and my mum, sister and mums friend had decorated my room!! I'm so in love with it! but also when i got back i wasn't feeling well, but i left it for a couple of days because i thought it was just that i'd been on holiday and was just tired and because it was my first day of college on Wednesday 3rd!! but on Tuesday 2nd i decided i needed to get checked over so me and mum went to the hospital and my doctor at my local spoke to GOS and they decided to put me on IV antibiotics just to be on the safe side, then when my blood results came back my CRP was high so GOS said i needed to be on IVs for 5 days, i was on ceftazidime and colomycin, i hate ceftazidime because it stings so bad going through a cannula(as i don't have a port anymore). My lovely doctors at my local hospital decided to let me go to college on Wednesday! i was late but i got there! i had to go with a cannula in but i didn't care because it was my first day at college, i wanted to go because i wanted to see the people in my course, get my timetable and things, my timetable actually starts tomorrow(monday), I'm really looking forward to doing child care! :) on Thursday, the day after college my body seemed to just not want to do anything, my legs wanted to always fall to the floor when walking, everything i picked up was heavy and i was just so tired! also, my tongue was felt very coated and my mouth felt horrible, but i know that was the colomycin because I've had it before and that has happened :( but none of that stopped me from doing what i wanted to do! 

On Thursday i took some hours out of hospital so me, my sister, dad and his family WENT TO LOOK AT CARS.. FOR ME! we have a Motability car at the moment but my dad drives it and its due to go back in october and because I'm 16 now, i can learn to drive early as i have high rate Motability, so i am getting my own car! we went to the Peugeot, toyota and BMW garage to look at a Mini Cooper, the next day we decided to go back to Peugeot and order a Peugeot 108! we went for a drive in it and i love it! but we couldn't order it then because there was a problem so we are hopefully ordering it thursday! :) yayy!!! 

I'm out of hospital now and finished IVs but we will probably have to go up to GOS for a check up soon, even though we have an appointment for october 8th i think they will bring it forward. Me, mum and my stepdad are going to Harry Potter Studios on Saturday! i love the Harry Potter films so I'm super excited about it! 

caricature picture of me haha! 

My Henna Tattoo(turtle)

Water boats 

speak soon!


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