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Sweet 16 & GCSE Results

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Hey guys.

Yesterday was my 16th Birthday (20/08) i had a lovely day even though i haven't been feeling very well for the past week or so but on my birthday i just ignored it! i had lots for my birthday, but its not all about the gifts, spending it with my family is! i had a party in the night! it was a masquerade themed party but we didn't wear our masks haha! there was a sweet table, cake and Chinese :) but i had an amazing sweet 16th! i know i always say this but thanks to my donor i was able to celebrate it! and i hope i can celebrate lots more! 

well well well, today was my GCSE results day, i was dreading going up to school and opening that envelope so i didn't open it until i got into the car and i got.
English - D
Maths - E 
Science - I'm not gonna say that one! LOL
Textiles - F
Child Development - D 

lets just remember that i missed nearly 2 years of education because of receiving a double lung transplant so i'm pleased with that result, i never liked science anyway and was never good at it! but today i had to go up to the college because i didn't get the grades i needed to get into Health and Social Care Level 2. So me, my mum and dad went up and spoke to someone and they said they are not doing Health and Social Care Level 1 because there is not enough people to go into it, so they offered me a place on Child Care Level 1 and to retake my English, so i can get into level 2 next year :) 

I am now an advocate for Live Life Give Life, so please can everyone go onto our Facebook page and like it! the link is here.. Live Life Give Life 

did i tell you guys that i have a job now?! oh yes.. i have a job in Wimpy! i have my first shift tomorrow, I'm so nervous haha! and i go to Hungary on Saturday which I'm super excited for!! :D 

Friends at my party 
My sweet table!! 

Messing around with the balloons haha! 

speak soon!


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