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Friday, 26 September 2014


This afternoon i looked after my baby sister for a a few hours as i don't go to college on Thursdays and Fridays i had nothing to do, so my dad asked me if i could look after her, i was so excited because as some of you may know that i am very close with my sisters and i love them very much. It was a really good afternoon, my oldest sister Sammy and her youngest daughter Molly came to my house too. of course i took some pictures! 

My niece Molly, she tried to do the pout with me haha

It took me a couple of attempts to get this picture, either Poppy was waving her arms about or Molly was pulling a really funny face! (this is the best one i could get haha)

Poppy in her pram all ready to go out!

Molly also in her pram ready to go out. We took a trip to Tesco to get some shopping.

I couldn't resist not putting Poppy in a hat that i saw!

Sammy had to push 2 buggies up the hill as i could not push a buggy up a hill, i would of been on the floor at the top! LOL 

When we got back from Tesco Poppy was tired and she just wanted a cuddle.

My dad picked Poppy up at half 4 to take her home :(

Then my Nephew came to our house (my sister Louise's son) and we was looking after him for an hour! My sister Sam decided to put on a shower cap and make them laugh ALOT.

My Niece wanted to have a go too LOL, she looks so cute and innocent!  

Then my Nephew also wanted to have a go with the shower cap on, his face says it all... i think he tried to look cool, smart and not bothered :P 

This was a really short writing post… but its more of a picture post, i just wanted to show off my baby sister, niece and nephew! 

Thanks for reading..

Speak soon


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