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Life After School

Monday, 9 June 2014

hello there :)

so since I've left school i have become a little bored already! thats why i haven't updated my blog, because i haven't done much except revise for my exams, which I'm pleased to say.. i have my last exam on friday! :) but.. on the 3rd after my english exam i went to exeter with my sister, it was a good day but i was surprised because i didn't buy as much as i thought i was going too!! i bought a pair of Pumas(shoes), a nice pink top and shorts from new look and of course i went into LUSH and bought some LUSH bath bombs! :) and i bought my baby sister her first vans!(shoes)

Last Friday i went to London with my sister Sam and my dad, we went London because… I SAW ONE DIRECTION LIVE! at the wembley stadium, they were amazing!! and also their support band, 5 Seconds Of Summer was really good too, i think they are an australian band! :) but i loved seeing one direction, i have never seen or heard girls screaming like i did that night, of course i had a sing along to the songs because i can now because i don't get out of breath :)

i said before that i have my last exam on friday which is friday the 13th and its a math exam! the exam today i thought was so hard! (it was maths paper 1) and there was a stupid question about pigs and needing 30 something squared metres of field or something like that haha! and everyone i know that did it was just as confused as me so that makes me feel better!

but i would like thank everyone for all the good lucks for my exams and people saying i will pass them, I've tried my hardest and hopefully i get the grades i need to get into my college course!

one direction :) 

speak soon


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