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Goodbye blues & Clinic

Thursday, 22 May 2014

hey :)

hello everyone, so I've actually left school now!!! my last day was on tuesday, and it was emotional but really good day, at lunch the whole of year 11 went up top field and had all our blouses signed and took a lot of pictures, some people had silly string and foam haha! then we had our last assembly and it was so funny when our head teacher said 'theres one thing i needed to remind myself and thats to take a selfie' haha! i might of said this before but even though i missed like a year and a bit of school i will miss it and miss everyone! i only go back into school for my exams and if i want to go in for revision :) which i am tomorrow because i have a textiles exam and I'm going in for revision before the exam. everyone says, you won't forget your school days and i defiantly won't :) 

after i left school on tuesday, me, mum and dad travelled up to London because GOSH said they really needed to see me because my neutrophils weren't going up and because i was in hospital a month ago they was worried they were missing something, we got to GOSH accommodation and they said they was no room in my name so in the end they sent us to powis place on the top floor and there was no lifts!! i was knackered by the time i got to the top haha, we went to clinic on wednesday and it wasn't the best clinic but i suppose you can't have great clinic every time, i did the usual tests, bloods, x-ray and lung function and chest x-ray looked okay, and my percentage of lung function was good but another test i did at lung function was too high, and also my platelets are low at 64 so i can bruise and bleed easily so i need to be careful! and i also mentioned about my hair falling out loads and i have bold patches and theres nothing they can do about it :( Helen said that it normally sorts itself out but can take up to a year post transplant :( I'm so scared I'm going to have no hair left. so clinic was good like i said before :( because I've been to clinic I'm not going up on the 28th but i have to go back on the 18th june to get checked over again :(

here are some pictures of my last day at school.. 

best friends x
will miss these girls x

the whole of year 11 :)

my best friend since primary school
the best tutor x 

one of my science teachers :) x

speak soon! 


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