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Wednesday, 14 May 2014


hi everyone, just a short post! so i did my first exam yesterday and it went okay actually,  it was a biology exam, there were some hard questions but hopefully i did okay! i have my chemistry one tomorrow!! so I'm quickly writing this in-between revision! my nurse came last week and took my bloods and guess what? my neutrophils were low!! but they wasn't too low so i could still sit my exams! but i don't do my exams in the hall with everyone else anyway, which is more calm and less stressful :) GOSH finally compromised and said i could have my clinic appointment on the 28th may, where i have no exams from after my textiles exam on the 23rd to the 3rd june, which is my english exam, so i get a break from exams but that means more revision! 

i would like to thank everyone who said good luck to me for my exams and i would like to say good luck to all the rest of the year 11's in the country taking their exams! :) 

this what i feel like doing revision!

speak soon!


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