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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Hello everyone! since my last update I've just been recovering really! It will take me a couple of months to fully recover, now that I have diabetes I have to have insulin when I have lunch and tea which is going ok! i did my first lung function and that was 50%!! which is good for the first go! I started doing all my meds and stuff :) on the 29th they said we could start thinking about going home the week after! Paul aurora came back as we didn't see him for 2 weeks and there was alot of changes made! All the iv antibiotics was stopped and made to oral, I had to start nebulised colymycin, but because i have this bug called CMV I had to stay on this iv medicine for another 3 weeks so that set us back on going home at first and we thought I would of had to go back to my local hospital for 3 weeks! But thankfully they said BUPA could deliver it to us at home! :) so on Wednesday we went to the Italian wing to stay for the night, well actually for 2 hours sleep! because I had a few blood tests before we went to the Italian wing and when we got there the bloods came back and my potassium level were quite high so at 1:45am they rang us and said to go back to the hospital for more blood tests and we ended up staying there for the night, and the next day I was allowed home!!! It felt good to be going home!! I got home and there was balloons and banners up and my dog had a balloon on her collar, all my family was at my new house waiting for us to get home! we had a nice tea, the past couple of days has been really good, just being at home is great! I've seen a few people! today I went out for roast with my mum and her friend Debii for Debii's birthday! :) on Tuesday I go back up to great ormand street for a biopsy on Wednesday and hopefully come home that day but if not i will come home Thursday, I will be at gosh quite a lot now, taking it every week at a time! and I have a few tests to do like lung function, x ray and I will see the diabetes team :) 

Oh yeah.. My sister nominated me for an award for child of courage and next Friday I go to a party thing and go up on stage and get a certificate or maybe a trophy! And have a 3 course meal! I'm in the top 3 to win! So that's pretty cool! :) 

That's it for now really! Thanks for reading! xxx 

My welcome home cake!

The tickets to get In the meal!

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  1. Congratulations, Katie. This is great news. Way to go on your lung function test. Good luck with everything!


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