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july 18th - august 3rd

Saturday, 3 August 2013

hiyaa.. I've been pretty rubbish :( i finished IV's on the 23rd july and i felt rubbish 2 days after! :( i went to exeter shopping with my dad last weekend too! bought loads of new clothes and a cath kidston purse!! i love cath kidston!! :D but that night i got back i was abit over excited about getting all the new clothes and i was laying it out on my bed and over done it abit too much and i was so out of breath and then all of a sudden i was coughing up LOADS of blood! we didn't go to hospital but my mum rang my CF nurse and asked her what we should do and my nurse said just to stay home and if i cough up anymore then i should of gone straight to hospital as coughing up blood is quite dangerous! I've done it before so i knew what it was like and i didn't panic so much! but the taste of blood is absolutely disgusting! :( on monday my mum spoke to my doctor and he said to go in hospital for a few days on tuesday for IV's, we went in on tuesday, put my line in which went in straight away and drawn back blood good because its good to me! yeah.. had a few blood tests, weight done which was 30.3kg i think! cant remember properly because i don't remember everything haha! i went out to get tea with my mum and my dad drove us to kfc! :) my CRP is 70 which isn't to bad! wednesday was so boring!! i sat on my bed all day doing nothing because theres nothing to do in hospital is there? except annoy the nurses and tell the doctors you want to go home! haha!! thursday i was allowed home!! :) so glad i only had to stay in for 2 days! but he just let me out, i still don't feel great :( my mum is ringing my doctor again monday so we might have to change my IV antibiotics. hopefully i don't have to go in again :( oh yeah its my birthday on the 20th! i just wanted to let you all know as I'm excited haha!! :)

love katie xxxx 

1 year, 2 months and 10 days on transplant list..x


  1. Your such an inspirational young girl ! I hope the best for you in everything and never stop dreaming !! <3

  2. i Have read your blog, and i'm impressed at how brave you are. Keep up the fight, i'm following your blog now :)


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