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the other 2 days in london!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Tuesday was so hard & tireing, i didnt get much sleep the night before, so i was really tired the next day! i had to be in the hospital for 9:00am for a blood test! & i had to have a canula in but they couldnt fit it in a vain so they tried 4 times! i realy hate needles:( i had to have lots of tests that day!:(

this is what i had to do..
- fasting bloods + blue canula
- psychlogist
- dexa scan
- abd. US + chest xray
- chest CT

i was so tired! i couldnt eat before my bloods so i was hungry aswell:( that was was the worst day i had in a while! i was glad to get it done with, after all that i needed to go back and get some rest! & have tea. but i met up with a girl who had a lung transplant that ive been speaking to for a while! shes very helpfull & she answers anything i ask!

today i had to see the consulant, was was there for about an hour, he asked me some questions & then the main one. he asked me if i was sure i wanted to go onto the lung transplant list & i said yes im sure, i want my new lungs! i want to be like any other girl! i want to walk & not get out of breath! then he said ok. & then said... ive got onto the lung transplant list :) :) :)

me and my family are so happy & we needed to take it all in before i writ this :) x

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  1. Great news Katie so happy for you :)
    elli xxx


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