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Monday, 16 April 2012

hello:) sorry i havnt written in a while!

well i havnt been very good since febuary, ive been on 2 courses of IV antibiotics & i have been in hospital because my lung function went down to 15%, when i was in there i got put on oxygen because my sats were staying at 88 and the doctor said i should atleast be at 92 so i was on 1 litre of oxygen & my sats went right up to 97 but i had to have it turned down to 0.7 so that was bit good news, i stayed there for 1 week & then i did a lung function & it had gone up to 18% and then they let me come home! i carried on my iv antibiotics at home but the bad news was that i still had to be on oxygen, so i had home oxygen, i felt more comfortable at home! then my 2 weeks was up of ivs, i didnt feel much better, im still on oxygen 24 hours a day also im in a wheelchair when i go out, i dont have as much energy as i used to. last monday i had a sleepover with 4 of my friends & it was well good but the next day i was so ill, i didnt eat, i couldn't move because i had no energy atall, but then mum did all my physio & then i did feel a little better & i did eat something! :) last thursday i had CF clinic that didnt go to well, my lung function was 14% but the doctor said that i proberly wont get it any higher now & also i lost abit of weight:( the past couple of days i havnt done much, im usually to tired to do anything, but im getting a little puppy next week!!!:D so i have to go shopping tomorrow with mum to get a few bits for him:) i dont know what im calling him yet though! hes sooo cute! this is him...

ill write next week when im in london for great ormand street hospital! :) xxxx

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  1. Hey Katie thought i'd say hi. Sorry to hear you've been poorly hospitals are not fun, but i'm glad you were able to have the rest of your iv's at home. Goodluck at GOSH. Your puppy is so cute :)


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